First dining room (Barrio Nuevo)

We started in 1995, as a children's kitchen in Barrio Nuevo de Curridabat, with the aim of providing food care to children in conditions of extreme poverty. However, given the school and emotional needs of the children, we decided to take a step forward, starting the Comprehensive Care Program, in order to provide academic and emotional help to our children, and thus avoid dropping out at an early age. This only started with primary school, being a great challenge for us, since at that time, many of our children did not successfully complete school, repeating the grade over and over again.

Second dining room (Tirrases)

After years of experience and a deeper analysis regarding the population with which we work, we understood that these children, by not having the same opportunities for learning and stimulation as others; they needed specialized support, starting the program with 32 children in the first and second grades of primary school, who would receive training and comprehensive education.

Elementary program

We decided to go beyond offering dining service, implementing the RETO© program (Responsibility, Enthusiasm, Work, Organization) for the Primary level. The program includes: academic support, psychological support and nutritious food, all within a framework of support and affection to ensure that the child acquires responsibility and enthusiasm to carry out their work, acquiring progressive achievements that increase their confidence and better develop their potential.


We implemented a bazaar that allows the foundation to generate income to contribute to its sustainability while allowing families in the sector to acquire products at a very low cost.

Parent Training Program

Aware of the need to better support our boys and girls, we implemented the Parenting School for Fathers and Mothers. Here they learn key concepts for life, receive workshops on values ​​and human formation with which their homes become increasingly better environments for coexistence and affection for boys and girls.

Secondary Program

Given the achievements with the implementation of the CHALLENGE program in primary school, we decided to implement it in secondary school.

Ballet program

To optimize our program, we include cultural elements such as ballet, which allow the children of the community to discover and develop their artistic talents.

Music school

We reinforce our cultural program with the School of Music to continue promoting the comprehensive development of children and adolescents.

Pilot Plan New Neighborhood Program

We have started a pilot plan to implement the school program at our Barrio Nuevo campus. The dream is to be able to replicate what we have done at the Tirrases headquarters in this community that is in great need. Let's go ahead.