Katherine Navarro Jiménez
Secondary Teacher

The Children's House Foundation is a magical place, full of joy but above all a lot of love, I can say that my chest swells with pride every time one of the boys has the opportunity to take an important step on their way, every time that reflects how hard, fighters and dreamers they are.

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Sharlene Calderón Araya

Casa de los Niños for me is a place full of love, joy and especially of God. Where every day is a different experience, boys and girls with the illusion and desire to do things differently, to do them well. I feel extremely grateful and blessed to be part of this shelter for many of our children and this great family. Psychologist

Ana Quesada Chacón

Working at the Foundation is a constant of wonderful experiences such as the daily affection I receive from the children and the admiration I feel for them when I see their ability to get ahead despite situations such as poverty, among other problems. One of the many experiences is seeing the boys graduate from the sixth level, seeing not only the printed title but also their pride in reaching the proposed goal of finishing primary school and knowing that I put a grain of sand to achieve it... it is a blessing! !!

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Bryan Ledezma Barrantes

Definitely the children's house is synonymous with great moments and experiences. A factory of God, where smiles are made and dreams are nurtured.
Seeing one of our children laugh, is more than enough to be clear about the reason for my life in this place!!!

Yeimy Zúñiga Porras

Being part of Casa de los Niños has been a great life experience and great professional growth. Here are realities that have a great impact on society, and therefore we work every day to generate change.

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Fernanda Fallas Chavarría

Casa de los Niños is a response from God to my life, every day it shows me that teaching goes beyond teaching content, it is bonding, it is serving others, and where the little ones show me true kindness, humility, and purity of love, is a place where God teaches me true resilience, happiness despite adversity, hope for change, and I have the joy of being part of that impact forever.

Nathalia Bustamante Quintana
School Care Program Coordinator

Ten years ago I crossed the Foundation's doors for the first time, I treasure in my memory hundreds of beautiful memories of this place, a place full of love and God's protection where boys and girls come to be nurtured in every way, they come to learn to share, to play and to be filled with the love that all of us at Casa de los Niños offer with an open heart and without measure. It's family, it's love, it's peace, it's support, it's security, it's joy, it's light, all and many other things is Casa de los Niños Foundation.

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Daniel Meneses Gómez

I have always said that the Casa de los Niños Foundation is where the magic happens. Because what is believed impossible, happens. Where the smile, the happiness, the hug and the love of a girl or a boy make you forget your bad times, also remembering that those girls and boys go through much more bitter times than yours. How does that happen?... Well, that's where the unexpected, the incredible, the magical come in.

Katherinne Herrera Barquero
Primary Teacher

The Casa de los Niños Foundation is for me a place of professional and personal growth, where I have the great opportunity to guide these children in the learning process. From the hand of my students, I learn to be a better teacher and a better human being. It is impressive how enriching and satisfying it is to work with this population. I am eternally grateful to be here.

María Vanessa Salazar Bolaños
Primary Teacher

The Casa de los Niños Foundation means a professional and emotional challenge for me. The work that is carried out here generates a great impact on Costa Rican society, since it is helping to form integral beings with a willpower to move forward despite the many adversities they face every day. The most gratifying thing for me is receiving a show of affection and gratitude from the boys and girls every day. 

Román López Lara

From this space we articulate efforts every day to guarantee the right to comprehensive development of children and adolescents.

I celebrate the commitment that we have assumed as a team to accompany the families of Tirrases in this process of human formation, trusting that this allows them to achieve a better quality of life.adolescents.

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Mariana Quesada Vargas
Secondary Teacher

The Casa de los Niños Foundation is a place where not only is teaching but also training.

Being part of this process where classes are taught but also good human beings are forged, is very comforting for me since I also manage to learn from them things such as strength, resilience and love day by day.